Priviliages of Participating in ATRAX and Why ATRAX?

1. First and only Specialized Exhibition of Turkey
By participating in the only exhibition that brings together the Amusement-Attraction, Park – Recreation Industries of Turkey and the region, you can demonstrate the difference of your company.

2. International Exhibitor Profile
You will have a chance to review the products and services of global companies in the amusement-recreation sector, which relates to a big population in the world thanks to advanced technologies and its share in the economy. At the exhibition participated by international hotel chains, holiday resort investors, executives from municipal offices, architects and company executives, gain competitive advantage by placing your company at the forefront.

3. Professional Visitors from all around the world
Because of Istanbul’s strategic significance and geographical location, ATRAX attracts many visitors from Europe, Balkan countries, Africa, Middle East, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Turkic Republics.

4. Don’t miss this opportunity when international companies meet in Istanbul
As an important opportunity to meet the executives of major companies that plan to enter the promising Turkish market and know the significance of the amusement, recreation industry in the global economy, ATRAX brings the giants of the sector to Istanbul. As a commercial hub and with its strategic importance, Istanbul will be bringing together the players of the amusement, recreation  industry. So don’t miss this opportunity.

5. Preserve your share in the growing market
Amusement, recreation sector which has been well established in the world has recently been developing in Turkey and in this sector, you can demonstrate the strength and difference of your company by placing your company at the forefront at ATRAX.

6. Perfect timing for investments
Considering the market growth in Turkey the easiest way to present your company to the investors in the amusement, recreation sector is to be among the privileged exhibitors of ATRAX which gives you strategically perfect timing.

7. Reach Public and Private companies and NGOs
Reach your largest group of target audience by meeting with the administrators of public companies, executives of private companies and NGOs what will participate in or visit the exhibition.

8. Meet New Business Contacts
The easiest way to meet the visitors planning to invest in your sector or potential business partners from Turkey or abroad interested in the products and services of your company is to join ATRAX. Don’t miss the opportunity to shake hands with the executives that work in the field of tourism, the common denominator of the world of amusement.

9. Strengthen Your Brand Image
By participating in the one and only exhibition of your sector, you would enhance your brand awareness and prestige in the eyes of your customers and competitors.

10. Manage the Perception of Your Customers With Effective Time Management
By participating in exhibitions in order to strengthen your bonds with your current and potential customers and as a result of the face to face meetings with both the exhibitors and the visitors, you would gain a big advantage that would save you both time and money.

11. Know about your competitors
The easiest way to follow the moves of other companies in your sector is to meet them at the exhibitions.

12. Follow the Development and Demands of the Sector Closely
Learn about the needs of the market, customer expectations and technological developments in the sector by hearing from the experts, the latest developments in your area.

13. Improve your Advertising Effectiveness and Increase your news presence
With the affect of participating in an effective event followed by the global amusement, recreation sector, you can increase your news presence and improve your advertising effectiveness. By participating in ATRAX which is supported by local and international sector-related media, you can improve your company awareness.