The Dates For ATRAX has Changed to 3-5 February 2022

The dates for ATRAX -International Amusement-Attaction, Parks-Recreation Exhibition has changed to 3-5 February 2022 in order to offer you a healthier and more effective event experience.

With this update made with the goal of allowing time for improvement in market conditions, finalizing projects, removal of travel restrictions and making it easier for the global buyers to visit the exhibition, ATRAX is continue to work hard in order to offer to sector a more powerful and effective exhibition.

In this period when the whole world is going through rapid change, ATRAX is getting ready to bring together the players of the sector in 2022 who haven’t come together for a long time and to kick start the sector and offer the long-awaited and untapped business potential as the first specialized exhibition of the industry.


With its special motto of “We Play Big” for 2022, ATRAX now has taken on the mission of revitalizing the sector. It is getting ready to bring together all stakeholders of the sector to achieve big business goals in the new year.

As the rules of the game is changing all over the world, Atrax as well has refined itself and got stronger. With 9th edition, Atrax is getting ready to meet you for a higher quality exhibition experience.

After last year’s exhibition which was quite successful for both the exhibitors and visitors, ATRAX is moving forward, by broadening its concept and increasing its potential.

It is getting ready to meet an accumulated potential between 3-5 February 2022 as the first exhibition of the next year.

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