ATRAX Hosted for the 6th time the Biggest Meeting of the
Attraction-Events, Parks-Recreation Industry…

We came together one more time at ATRAX Exhibition, the international summit of the Attraction-Events, Parks-Recreation Industry in Turkey. We introduced the latest innovations and services in the sector in the world to mainly municipalities as well as to shopping malls, hotels, housing project companies, corporations, organizers and investors. Our main goal is to be able to respond to all needs of the projects mainly in Turkey and its surrounding region and to create social and economic value by contributing to the efforts for developing more projects.

We are aware that Turkey has a major geographical advantage due to being located at the crossroads for target markets in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Due to this advantage she has, we believe that Turkey is an ideal candidate to become the main hub for the region’s attraction industry. And we strive to realize this approach of ours by adding novelties and enhancements to the exhibition every year.

This year, with the goal of combining theory and practice to come up with higher quality services and products, we initiated a project aimed at the universities in cooperation with REKÇAD (Recreation Studies and Research Association). We believe that this project will grow further in the coming years and create major value for the sector.

Apart from that, our “Shining Star Attraction, Events and Recreation Awards” competition which we organize as part of ATRAX and add new categories every year, contributes to the development of the sector while at the same time bringing to the forefront successful projects in the sector by rewarding them. In addition, our conference sessions which we continue to organize again as part of ATRAX Exhibition, guides the sector by sharing the latest trends and developments in the sector in the world.

ATRAX Exhibition which we organized for the 6th time in light of our sustainable efforts and which is sponsored by Açıkhava Fabrikası (Outdoor Factory) as the gold sponsor, will be moving forward to bring together at a larger scale the stakeholders of the attraction, events and recreation industry with innovative ideas.

We believe that we are a big family and we will continue to create new opportunities for all stakeholders of the sector, to embrace the industry at the international level and to introduce the latest novelties to you.

See you next year!
Thank you,

Nergis Aslan / General Manager
Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık

ATRAX, Took a Major Step for Combining Theory and Practice with its “University Special Section” …

This year ATRAX offered a new competition titled “University Special Section” related to “Improving Functionality of and Enhancing Municipal Parks” whereby it rewarded the best ideas offered by the universities and shared these ideas with sector’s representatives via the dedicated conference.

The project was organized by Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık in cooperation with REKÇAD (Recreation Studies and Research Association) with the goal of building the quality of life of the future and creating value social-cultural-touristic-economic and educational sense.

The project which aims to support and share with all stakeholders, municipal park projects which support the brandization and marketing efforts of cities and other right projects that would shape the future of cities contributes to the efforts for providing higher quality products and services in the recreation and events industry by bringing together theory and practice on the same platform.

The project which comprises recreation, sports sciences, communication, landscape architecture, architecture and city planning departments, helps universities meet with manufacturers, investors, event managers and service buyers (such as municipalities, hotels, shopping malls, companies etc.) by providing coordination among different disciplines.

This project which we believe will make an important contribution to both the sector and ATRAX Exhibition, will be implemented with a larger scope in the coming year.

ATRAX Continues to Guide the Sector with its Conferences…

The conference which was organized for the third time as part of ATRAX this year and sponsored by Polin Waterparks and Vialand for the third time, met with the sector under the title of “We’re talking Fun Business”. Our priority with the conference which brought together, sector’s leaders, academicians, society presidents, directors of organizations and government departments and universities, was to provide an evaluation of the sector with all its stakeholders and to encourage new ideas. Thus, at this year’s conference sessions, we aimed to encourage sharing of “inspiring ideas” as we provided an overview of the sector in Turkey and the world.

The conference featured two main sessions titled “Park Talks” and “University Special – Improving Functionality of and Enhancing Municipal Parks”. At the “Park Talks” section of the first session, our respectable speakers shared with us the latest novelties, global trends and the economic, social and cultural values that park-recreation areas add to urban life and also introduced novel ideas.

In the second session, under the topic of “Best Ideas Presented for Improving Functionality of and Enhancing Municipal Parks”, Izmir High Technology Institute, Anadolu University and Nisantasi University which were ranked among the top three, shared their novel ideas via their students. The presentations which featured very innovative ideas received extremely positive feedback from the audience. We will continue to provide guidance to the sector with the conferences that we’ll be organizing as part of ATRAX next tear as well.


ATRAX Gala Night and Shining Star Awards Ceremony was very Vibrant Once Again This Year…

The winners of “Shining Star Attraction, Events and Recreation Awards 2018” which is organized as part of ATRAX Exhibition and is sponsored by Istanbul Aquarium Complex which comprises Crowne Plaza Florya, İstanbul Aquarium and Aqua Florya Shopping Mall were announced at ATRAX Gala Night held at Crowne Plaza Florya on the night of February 2nd, 2018.

Participation of universities at “Shining Star Awards” which is organized with the goal of encouraging new projects and creating awareness in the sector by rewarding successful projects, resulted in a more vibrant event this year. Students and their advisors that represented the top three universities in the section titled “University Special – Improving Functionality of and Enhancing Municipal Parks” were presented their awards at the ceremony.

At the competition which featured a total of 116 nominees in 15 categories, 22 awards were presented. Winners were selected objectively by a jury of 19 experts comprising professionals of the sector, academicians and society presidents.

The night where unique dance shows of Anadolu Atesi, the fun songs of Istanbul Girls Orchestra and amazing performances of Kabile added spice and zest to event, was held in the warm hospitality of Crowne Plaza Florya. We are more than happy to have received positive feedback and appreciation from our guests regarding the night.

We hope to experience the same great excitement with you next year as well.



Award for Best Themed Outdoor Attraction CenterNarven Termal Kasaba / Narven Adventure Park
Award for Best Themed Indoor Attraction Centerİstanbul Aquarium / İstanbul Akvaryum Turizm Tic. Ltd.Şti.
Merlin Entertainments Group / Madame Tussauds – Istanbul
Award for Best Municipal Park Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality / Fıstık Park
Küçükçekmece Municipality / Selçuklu Adventure Park
Award for Best Museum and Historic SiteŞanlıurfa Museum General Directorate / Şanlıurfa Museum of Archeology
Award for Best Water Parkİzmit Municipality / Pişman Çocuk Aquapark
Award for Best Themed Residential ProjectSinpaş / Altınoran
Starred Project Award Bolu Municipality / Masal Park
Gebze Municipality / Eskihisar Adventure and Action Park
Entrepreneur of the Year AwardPlaymaker Sports & Entertainment / Magna Apex-Playground
Best Festival AwardEğirdir Municipality / Eğirdir Classical Music Festival
DSM Group / İstanbul Coffee Festival
Best Corporate Event Bayraklı Municipality / 29 Ekim Atatürk Portre
Best Sports EventÇeşme Municipality / Gran Fonda Çeşme
Playmaker Sports & Entertainment & Erciyes A.Ş / Fıs Snowboard World Cup Final
Best Shopping Mall Event Mavibahçe Shopping and Social Center / İzmir Salsa Cup
Best Campus EventBoğaziçi University / Sports Fest
Best Event VenueLüleburgaz Municipality / Lüleburgaz Yıldızları Motorbike and Bicycle Academy
UNIVERSITY SPECIAL – “Best Ideas for Improving Functionality of and Enhancing Municipal Parks”
 1.İzmir High Technology Institute – Redesigning the Functionality of a Neighborhood Park for “Everyone”: Anadolu Ajansı 85. Yıl Park (İzmir)
 2. Anadolu University – Features that a Municipal Park should have for Improved Functionality and Enhancement of the Park
 3. Nişantaşı University – Sustainable Recreative Facilities



ATRAX 2018 Statistics
Number of Exhibitor: 182

Turkey: 140

International: 42

Number of countries: 21

Number of Brands Represented: 385

Number of visitors: 9124



Number of countries:


Ratio of visitors based on regions

Middle East: %37
Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Yemen

Central Asia: % 26
Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan

Europe: %19
Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Africa: %14
Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria

Other: %4
England, China, New Zelenda, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Taiwan


Ratio of visitors based on occupation

Entertainment sector:   %49
Manufacturer, seller, manager, organiser company, FEC, sport center, etc

Other private sector:  %25
Tourism-hotels, investors, construction, machine, shopping malls, city planner, architect investors, projects etc.

Publicly institutions, organizations:  %24
Government officials, municipality

Others %2
Undifened profession, media, academician, students, for interest, etc.

Satisfaction Survey

We would like to share with you, the results of the survey we’ve conducted with the goal of gaining insight into the participant companies’ overall impression of ATRAX 2018 Exhibition.

Satisfaction from exhibitionNext year participationExpectations from exhibition
I’ll participate:179 company
Satisfied:181 companyI won’t participate:1 companyFulfilled my expectaions:181 company
Not Satisfied:1 companyUndecided:2 companyNot fulfilled:1 company


How did you benefit from fair?
Made business connections %97It served as a good promotional tool %96
Made international connections % 72Made agency connection %60
I made connections with participant companies %62Others % 52