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With its enhanced vision for urban life and fulfillment, ATRAX offers under a single roof, all products, services and projects related to construction/maintenance of recreational facilities such as parks, playgrounds, recreational areas, activity and sport venues and areas, and with the product range it offers, it acts as a guide for visitors, in their project creation, design, product development, service and investment phases.

Among the main visitor groups of ATRAX exhibitors are sector’s professionals, professionals from public offices and local governments and municipalities, investors, architects, landscape architects and tourism professionals.

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This year, with the “Happy Cities” theme, ATRAX brings to the forefront, attraction and recreation projects that create more opportunities for socializing and activities and focus on the happiness of the residents of the city.


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“Attraction Star Awards  – Attraction Awards”, the first and only competition of the Turkish amusement – attraction and recreation industry will be organized for the 8th time this year.  Searching for the glittering stars of the attraction industry!


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As we discuss the transformation of and developments in the attraction – recreations industry in Turkey and the world, we’ll also be reviewing with sector’s experts and local governments, the importance and perquisites for building “Happy Cities” and Impact of Amusement and Recreation on the Happiness of the Residents of a City.


ATRAX – The Amusement-Attraction, Park-Recreation Industry and Services Exhibition, is the first and only specialized exhibition of Turkey and neighboring countries where large projects in the entertainment industry are being realized. Filling an important niche of sector related events in the ever growing amusement, recreation sector, ATRAX Exhibition is attracting record number of visitors from Europe, Africa, Balkan and Middle Eastern countries, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Turkic Republics thanks to Istanbul’s unique geography and strategic location.

ATRAX’22-  #weplaybig

With its special motto of “We Play Big” for 2022, ATRAX now has taken on the mission of revitalizing the sector. It is getting ready to bring together all stakeholders of the sector to achieve big business goals in the new year.

  • Renewed players, and a renewed game
  • Rules of the game have changed.

All together, we are rearranging the game and we play big. We invite you to become a part of this big game.

As the Tureks International Fair team, we are proud and happy to have turned ATRAX into an event that gained worldwide recognition and interest with its number of visitors and quality starting from first year.





For the nineth time after eighth successful years, ATRAX will continue to introduce the latest innovations, technologies, products and projects of the amusement sector to the professionals and investors of the sector as part of an international organization. In its nine year, ATRAX Exhibition will be hosting its participants and professional visitors with numerous novelties and improvements.


By participating in the only exhibition that brings together the Amusement-Attraction, Park – Recreation Industries of Turkey and the region, you can demonstrate the difference of your company.





Amusement, Attraction, Park, Recreation sectors meet in Istanbul!

ATRAX Exhibition hosts the leading companies of the international attraction and recreation sectors as the unique specialized fair in Turkey.

In the exhibition which national and international companies take place, innovations in the world of amusement and recreation, the most up-to-date-technological products and equipments are offered to industry professionals with ATRAX.


ATRAX'20 Exhibition






Visitor Country



An International Meeting at Where the Continents Meet!

ATRAX introduces to all local and foreign visitors in Istanbul, a major trade hub where continents meet, all kinds of amusement, attraction and park products/services not only from Turkey but from all over the world.

ATRAX ,AQUAFUN and VENDEX TURKEY are being organized concurrently.

This organization, which brings together 3 commercial exhibitions under ATRAX umbrella with a holistic approach, will be offering its exhibitors and visitors;

  • a shared market meeting,
  • a shared target audience,
  • more product varieties,
  • more visitors,
  • more business opportunities.


This summit will reinforce and multiply existing synergies.

International Meeting Where Continents Converge!

Turkish Airlines is the official airline of “ATRAX Exhibition and special discounts are offered on certain booking classes. In order to proceed with the online booking tool for Turkish Conventions please visit the Turkish Conventions website and use the event code “013TKM22 under delegate section.


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