ATRAX Exhibition is the only business platform in Turkey for a global industry that has huge investment power and strives to meet public need for more recreational areas and sports facilities as well as amusement parks and attractions.

As the only exhibition of the attractions and recreation industry in its region, ATRAX Exhibition offer key ideas, products and services for the private sector, investors, public authorities and local governments to ensure individual and social happiness, sustainability and for the future of urban living.

In its 10th year, ATRAX, as a leading exhibition organization in its realm, continues to serve as a guide for projects of a wide range of national and international stakeholders including professionals of the sector, architects, tourism and social facility investors, and officers from municipalities and public authorities.

And you as well can showcase your products, services, designs and projects to relevant professional buyers and undersign new commercial collaborations by joining ATRAX, the one and only comprehensive exhibition of the sector.

For gaining access to exciting ideas and effective trade connections, don’t forget to mark dates of 12-14 January 2023 in your planner now.

We invite you to take place in this important meeting.

Mark 12-14 January 2023 on your agenda now for exciting ideas and effective connections.

We invite you to take your place in this important meeting.

We are proud and happy to prepare for the 10th Anniversary.

In our journey that we started in 2012, we have come to different points by covering great distances together.

A lot has happened in 10 years. The world has changed, the rules of the game have changed. We have never been a spectator, we have been a part of the game, and we have emerged from the changes by improving and renewing. We have doubled our success every year and will continue to do so. While we are preparing for our 10th Anniversary in our 2023 Expo; ATRAX has managed to become a worldwide known trade show in this process and continues to rise steadily.

#weplaybig together with our participants, visitors and all our stakeholders who are with us on this road that we are advancing with solid steps.



Social and attraction facilities in cities have a great impact on how we feel in our lives and are sources of happiness for residents. Sustainable and people-focused cities make their residents happy for living in those cities. Positive experiences are the prerequisite for sense of belonging for people.

Efforts to achieve happy cities are not shallow and all efforts aimed at improving social life are crucial for the
success of cities.

Urban spaces can be designed in a manner to allow easy access to social amenities, attractions and sports facilities all of which aim improved physical and mental wellbeing of residents of a city.





ATRAX Exhibition covers this subject in the most comprehensive manner to include urban planning, public space design, attractions and playground, and social and sports facilities and brings the players of the sector together with local governments, public authorities and universities.


We’ll analyze this topic as a focal point for communities of all sizes, as a public policy for all levels of government and as a motivational factor with the goal of encouraging an active life style, improving existing facilities in terms of quality and quantity and increasing availability of existing facilities for public use and ensuring greater contribution from private sector.

We will be focusing on all dimensions of this issue ranging from urban planning to public space design and attraction and recreation facilities, from school playgrounds and trendy sports facilities to education.

Competition: ATRAX Star Awards – 9th Amusement and Recreation Awards

Organized as part of ATRAX Exhibition, this year’s ATRAX STAR AWARDS will be featuring categories of The Active City of the Year and The Active District of the Year.

The “The Active City of the Year” category will be open to local governments that have sports facilities and event venues and organize activities and sports events at these facilities for their residents.

The “The Active District of the Year” category will be open to district municipalities that have sports facilities and event venues and organize activities and sports events at these facilities for their residents.


After a pause of two years, ATRAX Exhibition opened the doors, the international meeting point for the Attractions and Recreations Industry in Turkey, between 3-5 February 2022.

Organized with the purpose of responding to the needs of the sector and the projects mainly in Turkey and the region, the exhibition has been quite dynamic despite the global pandemic conditions.

Starting from the first day of the exhibition, visitors which comprised mostly international professionals from the sector as well as investors, formed long lines at the gate.
And this big interest in the exhibition continued even until the last day.

The exhibition was packed with visitors continuously throughout the 3-days, and all booths were almost always busy.

Many national and international projects were signed at the fair, which received 19. 846 visitors from 43 countries.

Click here for the end of show report.


ATRAX'22 Expo






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ATRAX, AQUAFUN and VENDEX TURKEY are being organized concurrently.

This organization, which brings together 3 commercial exhibitions under ATRAX umbrella with a holistic approach, will be offering its exhibitors and visitors;

  • a shared market meeting,
  • a shared target audience,
  • more product varieties,
  • more visitors,
  • more business opportunities.

This summit will reinforce and multiply existing synergies.

International Meeting Where Continents Converge!

Turkish Airlines is the official airline of “ATRAX Exhibition and special discounts are offered on certain booking classes. In order to proceed with the online booking tool for Turkish Conventions please visit the Turkish Conventions website https://www4.thy.com/TKC/app/main?language=en and use the event code  under delegate section.


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