We’ll be talking about the “Happy Cities” at ATRAX 2022!

People’s lives get shaped by the mentality of the city they live in and in the spirit of the city influences the mood of its residents, creating happy or unhappy people.

This year, with the “Happy Cities” theme, ATRAX brings to the forefront, attraction and recreation projects that create more opportunities for socializing and activities and focus on the happiness of the residents of the city.

In addition to the investments made by the private sector, the focal point of the process of developing “Happy Cities”, are the local administrations and their projects.

As part of the Exhibition theme for ATRAX 2022, sector’s experts and local administrations will be discussing the Importance of and Prerequisites for Developing “Happy Cities’ and Influence of the Attraction and Recreation Industry on the Residents of a City. At ATRAX, which brings together the stakeholders of the sector, the best projects in the sector will be rewarded.