About the B2B Online System

With a view to maximizing the business opportunities offered by ATRAX Exhibition, the only specialized trade event of the amusement industry in Turkey and the region and offering an effective business platform for participants and buyers, we manage our B2B Online System and the applications with due diligence.

Who can apply via the B2B Online System?
Sector Professionals, Manufacturers and Resellers
Exporters and Importers
Themeparks, Amusement Parks, Owners and Operators,
Billiards, Bowling, Golf Operators, Founders
Enterprise Owners and Authorities (Hotels, Holiday Village…)
Entertainmentand Recreation Center Owners and Officials
Shopping Mall Center Managers
Project Contractors
Construction Firms
International Investment Firms, Representatives and Sector Professionals
Construction Markets and Wholesalers
Importers and Project Companies in The Target Countries,
Building Cooperatives and Sites Managements
Contractors, Architectures and Interior Architectures
Landscape Architectures
Town Planners
Schools, Kinder Gartens
Sports Center Manager
Private House Owners
Public Institutions and Organizations
Unions and Associations
Students and Academics
How to make an appointment?

  • Using the B2B Online System, buyers can search and filter the companies they wish to meet and send a meeting request for a certain date and time.
  • All B2B meetings are to be held at the stands of the participant companies and meetings are limited to 20 minutes. There will be 10-minute break between meetings.
  • Meetings with the participant companies will be organized via www.atraxexpo.com website. Buyers should first fill the application form and send their company information and if approved they will be sent a confirmation mail that will allow them to log in the B2B Online System.
  • Participant companies are listed alphabetically in the system. Buyers can search for companies using category filters.

 How does the B2B Appointment System work?

  • After your application as a buyer is confirmed, you can log in the B2B Online System on the ATRAX website using your username and password. B2B Online appointment system will become active 1 month before the event.
  • By filtering results based on categories of interest to you, you can get a list of companies that manufacture products or provide services in that category.
  • After selecting the company you’d like to meet, you can view the time frames when company officials will be available for meeting. After selecting date and time and clicking on “Make an Appointment” button, the appointment request you sent to the participant company will be sent to the company for confirmation. Once your appointment request is approved, it will be added to the online calendar of both your company and the participant company. Participant companies are required to respond to appointment requests within maximum 5 days. Participant companies will be sent reminder mails on a daily basis to have them accept or reject the request. If the participant company does not respond to the appointment request within 5 days, the request will be deleted automatically.
  • After the B2B meeting is arranged, the participant company and the buyer will meet up at the stand of the participant company at the selected date and time.
  • Participant companies and buyers can save their appointment lists, share them via mail or get their printouts.

Please feel free to contact us for all your inquiries and recommendations.
Aysel EKER