Arenas built throughout history and ‘entertainment’ created with those events organized in those arenas, have served as an important factor supporting  social solidarity and unity. Over the years in history, attraction zones have continuous evolved as a result of technology with events opening up new horizons with creative ideas and “entertainment” has maintained its social power.

At the same time, considering parks, recreational areas, theme parks, culture-sports-arts events that are covered by the concept of “entertainment”, one cannot underestimate the great economic, social, cultural value created by these and their positive impact on tourism.

Today, “entertainment” which is now recognized as a necessity as well, has turned into an industry. Investors, manufacturers, suppliers, human resources, service provides are all important stakeholders of this industry. Bringing together, all stakeholders of the sector and evaluating the industry from a holistic perspective are important in terms of supporting development of new ideas and new business partnerships.

This year, the conference organized as part of ATRAX and EVENT PRO Exhibitions will bring together sector’s leaders, academicians, society presidents, successful names and directors from sector’s organizations and institutions and will be offering “inspiring ideas” while at the same time providing an outlook on the sector.

We’d like to invite you to take your place at the conference to catch those “inspiring ideas” as we talk fun business.

Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık
Organization Committee


Sector Professionals Agencies
Producers Project managers
The government staffs who are concerned Academicians
Unions City planners
Municipalcies Architects, Landscape architects
Enterprise Owners and Authorities (Hotels, Holiday Village…) Investors
Shopping Mall Center Managers Entertainmentand Recreation Center Owners and Officials
Associations  Managers of theme parks and amusement parks

Our missions
Our mission is to make awareness and issues for the spaces of amusement and leisure which are turning to important needs and thanks to that to contribute to make much more values in social, cultural and economical meaning, providing more qualified products and servicies of the sector contributing to the develompent of the sector.

Our visions
Our vision is to ensure the indurtry of amusement and recreation in Turkey to reach the world standards, and Turkey to come to the position to direct this big industry with organizing the projects which will form the examples to the world.