The spaces of amusement and leisure which are getting in need increasingly, are increasing and getting more important in life of city inhabitants with the changing life conditions.

Every kind of products and services are the current issues which contribute to the qualified time which people spend together with those whom they love and their families, grow the people relationships and increase the comfort of life.

At the same time, the spaces of amusement and leisure are coming to prominence as an important significative criteria for the cities in the processes of being branded and preference, hotels, shopping centers, service areas and so on.

The industry of amusement and recreation which shows the rapider development in need is keeping on increasing the contribution in the point of economy, society, culture, tourism and education in the same direction.

Producers, the government, academic institutions, associations, unities, tourism agencies, the buyers of products and services (municipalities, hotels and so on) are coming together within the panels with the purpose of ensuring the industry of amusement and recration which is changing to a huge sector to be evaluated as overall in the wide field. In the context, the experts will share the topics of the importance of the spaces of amusement and recreation, the analysis of the current conditions of the sector, the future, expection and the needs, what is needed to be done for reaching the standards of the world.

We are inviting you to come to this big meeting organized within ATRAX Expo.

Tureks international Exhibiters
Organization Commitee



Sector expertsAgencies
ProducersProject managers
The government staffs who are concernedAcademicians
UnitiesCity planners
MunicipalciesArchitects, Landscape archtects
Hotel managersInvestors
Shopping center managersManagers of amusement and leisure centers
Associations Managers of theme parks and amusement parks


Our missions
Our mission is to make awareness and issues for the spaces of amusement and leisure which are turning to important needs and thanks to that to contribute to make much more values in social, cultural and economical meaning, providing more qualified products and servicies of the sector contributing to the develompent of the sector.

Our visions
Our vision is to ensure the indurtry of amusement and recreation in Turkey to reach the world standards, and Turkey to come to the position to direct this big industry with organizing the projects which will form the examples to the world.